Fight Back Women’s Self Defense Seminar

Give the women in your life the gift of self defense for Christmas this year!!

JANUARY 21-22, 2023
2:00-5:00 Saturday
9:00-Noon Sunday

18+ females only
No experience required

Please note, this is not your standard couple of hours of stereotypical self defense training for women. This course is one of a kind and combines Jiu-Jitsu tactics specifically geared toward females and the way women are attacked with pistol fundamentals and safety lessons, all taught by firearms expert and Jiu-Jitsu black belt Greg Lapin, who has 20+ years of experience teaching people how to defend themselves.

Three hours Saturday afternoon and three hours Sunday morning will be jam packed with information, practical physical drilling, and repetition of the fundamentals of self defense. Full disclosure: you will not walk out of the door Sunday a ninja, fully ready to attack an assailant. It is not possible to become adept at defending yourself in 6 hours. But you will walk out with a new mindset about self defense, new skills and tools to start incorporating into your life and to start practicing on your own, and (we hope) with the intent to continue training to build habits that will actually kick in and work under duress if you are ever assaulted.

You will learn:

Chokes from different attack positions

Armbars from different attack positions

Escapes from different attack positions

Pistol safety and fundamentals (all dry fire, no live ammunition)

Dry fire drills you can practice at home

…and much more.

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